Saturday, 6 May 2017

Decisions, Mistakes, Lessons

I am currently in the process of finishing my three years long bachelor's degree in psychology, and I cannot tell you how happy I am. Because although these three years have gone by just like that, it has been both mentally and physically challenging. But being the first in my family to graduate and seeing my parents on my graduation day all happy and proud makes it all worth it. Now, here I am, with only one exam to go and contemplating on what to do next. Should I start working, should I take a break and travel, maybe travel back to Norway, or should I take masters degree? The decision was easy for me. Last November I applied for a one-year masters degree in human resources and was thrilled to have made that decisions, as I believed it would put me in a better position if I was to accomplish my career goal. But as months went on, this decision didn't seem as appealing as it initially was, and that is feeling was a 'foreign' one. Not because I have never been unsure of previous choices, but I am sort of the type of person who works around the clock to make sure that the decisions I make are the right one for me, always weighted the pros and cons of that decision. So when this feeling crept up on me it made me question certain decisions I had set of to fulfill. Leading me to rethink my current situation and think about what I really wanted to do in the future, and what makes ME happy. So there I was, doing further research on alternative courses when I realised that a degree in public relations would be a better fit for me but since I had already gotten and accepted a conditional offer for a course in human resources it made me question whether or not this option was possible. So I emailed the head of the business department and told them that I had changed my mind as it was not the best suitable choice for me and that I instead wanted to do PR. I am now awaiting an email confirming that it is possible to switch over and praying to the heavens that it will be ok. Because the worst thing I know it not doing something you truly desire and feel compassionate about, affecting you both you mental and physical state. Also, you have to realise that that within three years I have changed and developed a person, along with my goals in life. What I thought was a great idea three years ago might not look so appealing to me now, and in the end of the day, I am only human. Moral of the story: do what is best for you. 

Does this sound familiar to you? You are definitely not the only one, and I think that quite a few people are afraid to stand up and say 'you know what, I think I don't want to do this anymore', and YOU KNOW WHAT, that is completely fine. Because life is too short to feel uncomfortable or unhappy with something you are not fully enjoying. Whether is a job opportunity, a friend you don't really enjoy, a relationship you aren't happy in, a degree you are not too sure of - do what feels right for you. As my father always tells me 'At the end of the day, when you lay your head on the pillow, the decisions you have made and the thoughts that follow affect you and only you'. Something I always have in the back of my head because it's the truth, and what matters the most in life is how you are and how you feel. Because if not, you will see how that turns into a negative energy that slowly spills over to other areas of your life, and that it's not what's about. 

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