Friday, 1 September 2017

Autumn is Coming & 8 Reason Why I Love IT!

While everyone is wishing for more sunny and warm summer days, there I am in the background secretly wishing that it was autumn already. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy summer and the fact that you can wear a dress most days without worrying that you might feel chilly throughout the day. But what I love the most is being able to wear a dress with some cosy tights, ankle boots, a big chunky scarf, and my beloved coat. Autumn just is my favourite season and I love everything it brings with it and here are some reasons why!

1. Hot chocolate - I probably drink two cups of tea every single day, whether it's green tea, chamomile tea, oolong tea, or some fancy tea I found while browsing Selfridges - tea is just my favourite! But when autumn comes around I finally have an excuse to drink as much hot chocolate as I want without seeming like a chocoholic. Just the feeling of coming home, from a long mellow Monday in the cold and make myself some hot cocoa (maybe even throw a few marshmallows in there), it's all so snug!

2. PJ - Cosy PJs and cosy socks all the way! For some reason I have an obsession with PJs, I know that might sound odd but it is actually a real thing. Whenever I go shopping and can't help myself and look for the ''latest trend' within PJs sets, and trust me when I say that I almost have equally as many PJ sets as I have everyday clothes! But if you think about, once you get home from a long day at either work or university all you want to do is strip your clothes off and get comfortable and that is when the importance of a good PJ set is important! That is my opinion at least ...

3. All the layers - The best part about autumn for me is probably the fashion. Autumn fashion is all about the many layers you put on yourself before doing anything. You just going to Tescos and buy a pint of milk? Then you need an oversized sweater, a long knitted scarf, and a pair of warm and comfortable shoes. Oh, are you going for a walk in the park? That means you might need a beanie, a scarf, of course, the warmest and loveliest coat you own, and a pair of shoes that look like slippers a.k.a uggs. As many layers as my body can cope with I will not hesitate to put on (until I get on the tube because there is no way I will be able to cope with anything).

4. Candles - All the candles I can burn I will! The other week I was in TKmaxx browsing their candle section and ohmygodness so many to choose from! I came out with at least five big candles and they are now all placed around the flat and ready to be lit! Autumn, here we comeeeee!

5. Reading - As I have probably mentioned in my previous posts reading is something that I truly enjoy doing but unfortunately don't do enough of. But have recently downloaded an audio book just to 'test it out' I realised that it wasn't such a bad away for when you are on the go - also it means you don't have to carry a massive 500-word book around your bag at all times.

6. Skincare - Being a skincare lover I have already made a list of products I want to try out this autumn. I usually tend to have oily skin every other season until autumn and winter come around and my skin turns into the Sahara dessert with a hint of Mawsynram. Therefore, my skincare routine focuses on being more nourishing and hydrating by using both masks and creams that help my skin at bay during these months. Some of the products I use include the Chanel Hydra Beauty Gel Creme and Eye Gel, Glamglow Powercleanser and Thirstymud Mask,  and for the lips the Potmud Lip Balm also from Glamglow.

7.  Halloween - 'Boys and girls of every age, wouldn't you like to see something strange? Come with us and you will see this, our town of Halloween. This is Halloween, this is Halloween Pumpkins scream in the dead of night. This is Halloween, everybody makes a scene. Trick or treat till the neighbours gonna die of fright. It's our town, everybody scream, in this town of Halloween' Need I say more? 

8.  Netflix - Not that I don't already binge watch every series that interestest me on Netflix, but when autumn comes around series become your best friend for the months to come, and as you have the perfect excuse it being 'its well cold outside' why not enjoying while it lasts?

What do you love about autumn season? x

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